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Tammie Gabriel

Tammie Gabriel

Title: Sales Assistant to Kevin Gutwein

Email: tgabriel@financialguide.com

Location: Indianapolis, IN

“Flexibility, patience, the ability to take in a lot of details, prioritize and process them,” are attributes that Tammie Gabriel lists as she describes what it takes to run a financial planning practice with a single-minded focus on client service. “My job is to operate our practice so seamlessly, that clients think of me as an extension of their relationship with Kevin,” she says.

Though she is fairly new to the WestPoint Private Client Group, Tammie is no stranger to the financial industry and certainly not a novice to business. She worked in the trust industry for over a decade, ultimately as a trust custodian.  A successful business owner in her own right, Tammie also co-founded two companies with her husband – one, a racecar simulator business, and another, an engineering company in the telecommunications industry.

“Those experiences have provided a unique perspective that I bring to Kevin’s practice,” Tammie explains. “I have been both an employee and an employer, so I have a deep understanding of the kinds of issues our clients face.”  Beyond the desire to help people, it’s the intensely detail-laden nature of the job that keeps her interested day in and day out. “I am drawn to minutiae,” says Tammie, “so this job is a great fit.”

It was the same attraction to detail that led her to pursue her dream of law school – training that was cut short by a diagnosed brain tumor. Though the prospect of becoming an attorney had to be shelved, Tammie was determined to succeed. And that she did: two brain surgeries later she is a survivor who defied the odds. In turn, she has channeled her determination and energy into a loving family, two successful businesses, and now into Kevin’s practice.

Tammie serves on the board of the Brain Tumor Foundation, and is an active member of her homeowners’ association. She and her husband, Rodney, reside in Noblesville with their two children. In her free time, she enjoys baking and writing poetry.

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