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Connie Feldman

Connie Feldman

Title: IT Manager

Email: cjfeldman@financialguide.com

Location: Indianapolis, IN

We found Connie back in 2005, in the server room tangled up in some wires.  While she was in there she was able to speed up our internet connection so we kept her.  Nah, not really, Connie was in the “Merge of ‘05” and has been with a MassMutual agency for a long time – since 1981!  So it’s not uncommon we pick her brain quite a bit.  Connie is an Indy girl through and through.  Don’t even make plans for her in the month of May – the family descends upon her and the 500 takes precedence.  She’s an awesome bowler, crazy for the Colts, enjoys gardening, boating and shopping.  You wouldn’t think she had time for it as she is always at the office!  While she’s at work her two cats, George and Gracie, guard the homestead. 

Favorite Candy:  Milk Duds
Favorite Cookie:  Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
Most Important Part of a Sandwich:  The middle
Three Things Always in Refrigerator:  Diet Pepsi, beer, milk

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